“5 Reasons Your Students are Not coming To Class” – Internal Control Psychology for Educators

This online self-directed course is designed for educators who are interested in gaining a stronger understanding of human behaviour. This course will offer practical solutions that educators can implement immediately to contribute to a learning environment that is safe, engaging and inclusive.

Cost: $100 + HST

In this course you will:
– Discover 5 basic needs that explain why students choose to attend and engage in class AND why they do not
– Identify ways to discover the student’s ideal classroom experience
– Learn a process for supporting student self-evaluation
– Explore strategies that underpin strong professional relationships with students, co-workers, and managers that ultimately result in need-satisfying teaching and learning spaces

“Shift Happens” will show you that even the smallest step, taken with brave intention, can create massive, positive life changes.

“Shift one thing, change everything”

*Are you a Fitness Trainer? This course may count toward your Professional Development Credits
**Are you a Massage Therapist? Count this course toward development of the following Career-Span Competencies:

– Communicate effectively
– Maintain personal wellness consistent with the needs of practice
– Practice in a self-reflective manner

Who we have run workshops for:
– Certified Personal Trainers Network (CPTN)
– Movati Fitness
– Durham College Faculty & Staff
– Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA)

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