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1-on-1 virtual coaching is available for those looking to stop spinning or create momentum. The confidential sessions provide a dedicated space to explore what you truly want.

What We Offer

Sessions are 15, 25 or 50 minutes in length

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Coaching Session Options

Clarity Compass – 25 minutes $75 (includes HST)
Conquer indecision and craft a crystal-clear roadmap to your dreams. These coaching sessions are all about eliminating confusion and supercharging your path to success.

Goal Guardian – 15 minutes $35 (includes HST)
Protect your progress through accountability coaching sessions. We’ll discuss choices aligning with your goals and ensure that you are choosing behaviours that will offer steady strides towards your definition of success.

Brave Heart – 50 minutes $120 (includes HST)
Embark on a transformative journey through coaching. Uncover insights on limiting beliefs and address the fears and confusion around next steps. Let your bravery shine as you choose behaviours that will amplify meaningful progress towards your goals.

*To schedule a session or inquire about a package that will suit your needs email:
**Sessions are held virtually on Zoom or on the telephone. Payments are made by e-transfer to:

Breathing Fire Workshop – February 2024 *Date TBA

‘Breathing Fire’ is a wellness workshop that is run in a group setting where Amy will coach you through:
Intentional reflection: identify subconscious limiting beliefs
Purposeful planning: gain insight to your values and unlock your potential
Energizing breathwork: process stress and tension in the body through conscious connected breath

This session can be a powerful and transformative practice with techniques to unlock your body’s innate potential for healing, releasing anxious tension, and increasing your capacity to navigate life’s demands.

Location: Notion Studios – 182 Wellington St, Bowmanville, 3rd floor
Cost: $55.55 (includes HST)

To sign up:
Email, we’ll respond with the registration form for you to fill out.

*Space is limited. Please send e-transfer to to secure your spot.


“What can I say about Amy? She has been there for me through my best and worst times over the period of the last years. She is a genuine, down to earth soul who has a mission to help guide you and move you through the decision process of this thing called life. She listens and HEARS what you are saying with her whole heart. She responds without judgment, but rather with empathy, compassion, kindness and love. She is a beautiful soul both inside and out and she truly takes her work to heart. I’m grateful to have met Amy on my journey and to have her as part of my life” – Callesta F