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We love bringing people together to bring awareness to human behaviour, foster skill development and create community. Our small and large group workshops are designed to support the exploration of a diverse range of wellness needs and move you closer to what you want in life and health.

Have your own group?

Or running an event that could use a behavioural perspective within the broader theme?

We can run a session for a group of friends or colleagues.


“5 Reasons Your Students are Not coming To Class” – Internal Control Psychology for Educators

This online self-directed course is designed for educators who are interested in gaining a stronger understanding of human behaviour. This course will offer practical solutions that educators can implement immediately to contribute to a learning environment that is safe, engaging and inclusive.

Cost: $100 + HST

In this course you will:
– Discover 5 basic needs that explain why students choose to attend and engage in class AND why they do not
– Identify ways to discover the student’s ideal classroom experience
– Learn a process for supporting student self-evaluation
– Explore strategies that underpin strong professional relationships with students, co-workers, and managers that ultimately result in need-satisfying teaching and learning spaces

“Shift Happens”

Have you experienced a significant life change or are you ready to make one? This 6-hour intensive course is designed for anyone who feels “stuck”, is unsure of their next steps or who has said “is there more than this”? Inspired by intentional living, rooted in behaviour theory, you will learn practical strategies that can be actioned immediately.

Cost: $300 + HST

In this course you will:

– Learn about behaviour and the reasons you make the choices you do
– Identify what is truly quality for you (not what others think you should do/be/want)
– Engage in activities to understand subconscious limiting beliefs
– Explore strategies and create an actionable plan that will integrate with even the busiest schedule
– Meet a community of action-takers who can support your on-going journey

“Shift Happens” will show you that even the smallest step, taken with brave intention, can create massive, positive life changes.

“Shift one thing, change everything”

*Are you a Fitness Trainer? This course may count toward your Professional Development Credits
**Are you a Massage Therapist? Count this course toward development of the following Career-Span Competencies:

– Communicate effectively
– Maintain personal wellness consistent with the needs of practice
– Practice in a self-reflective manner

Who we have run workshops for:
– Certified Personal Trainers Network (CPTN)
– Movati Fitness
– Durham College Faculty & Staff
– Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA)

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