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ShiftOne is a team of health and performance coaches that support you to discover what you want, build an individuated action plan and successfully navigate the challenges of the journey. Whatever the starting point, we have the skills to help you move forward.

Shift One
Support Your Goals & High Performance

We love bringing people together to bring awareness to human behaviour, foster skill development and create community. Our small and large group workshops are designed to support the exploration of a diverse range of wellness needs and move you closer to what you want in life and health.

What People Are Saying

“Heather gets to the heart of the matter with direct questions. Like, so direct you’d be taken aback if you couldn’t feel her intent – which is to help you succeed. I’ve never seen someone so open to and unfazed by answers that come out of open-ended questions. The day-long choice theory workshop was amazing and useful. I walked away with practical ways to use choice theory in my life and because of the many role plays, I saw that it works in a surprisingly short amount of time.”

Andrea B, Copy Writer

“From someone driven by a fascination with figuring out how to get through to people, (someone who has trained and studied in many disciplines including motivational interviewing, CBT, etc.) learning about Choice Theory has been pivotal in my success as a coach & trainer. It gave me the insights into people’s internal motivation, and how I could help shape the path to better fit those needs (of the client). The real-world application of this theory is rewarding and inspiring. It’s amplified my passion for working with people (and yes even the most challenging ones as well).”

Mauro O, R.Kin, BSc, CSEP-CPT, Pn1

“It was an eye-opening workshop that was interactive and fun. The Choice Theory could be very useful in understanding the discrepancies between a client’s goals and behaviours. It allows you to inform the client in such ways that he/she will come to their own decisions and realizations on how to find their own path to success.”

Tanya K. – Personal Trainer

“Heather’s approach to coaching is multi-pronged.  She listens to the client, asks probing questions to completely understand the client’s goals, knows when to push and when to back off.  She encourages you and never puts you down.  Heather uses psychology, choice theory and humour along with her extensive knowledge of fitness principles to help you reach your goals.  Her workouts are fun and varied. In short, hire her. You won’t regret it.”

Glenda M.